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Nix, a small ice planet with a rich past. It was once a volcanic planet on which a mineral commonly known as Glacium was formed due to high temperatures, which was rare due to its energetic properties. However, the planet’s extreme temperatures made any mining of this material impossible. One day Nix collided with a sister planet. This event caused the planet to deviate from its orbit. Over the next million years, the surface of the planet Nix gradually changed from a fiery wasteland to an icy landscape inhabited by a population of snowmen. This peaceful and friendly race lived happily and contentedly until the moment when an unknown, technologically advanced race arrived on Nix, whose goal was to mine the rare Glacium. The aliens built huge mining machines on the surface of the planet that gave off a lot of heat. As a result, the planet gradually began to melt. And what was even worse? Fueling these furnaces was the essence that was part of all snowmen. Can the snowmen fend off the threat posed by the invaders and drive them off the planet?


A few thousand years ago, Nix was not nearly as we knew it before the alien invasion. It was a planet flooded with fire and heat, finding a living soul on it was completely impossible. Due to the high temperatures, it was unusable for the inhabitants of space. This fiery planet, as we historically call it, gave rise to one rare mineral – Glacia. And what makes Glacium so special? Its rarity lies primarily in its excellent energy properties. Because temperatures on Nix reached several thousand degrees, it was very difficult to mine Glacium. At the same distance from the sun, just on the opposite side of the planet Nix, was its sister planet. A huge meteorite that hit the sister planet deflected it out of orbit and the sister planet collided with Nix. The sister planet broke into three pieces. One of them was lost in the Sun, the other two remained in the orbit of the planet Nix and formed its two moons. Although Nix remained whole after the impact, somechanges did occur. After the collision, it deviated from its orbit and began to move away from the Sun. When it reached a certain distance from the Sun, it became an optimal planet for the origin of life. However, life did not have time to develop much here, because the distance from the sun was increasing and the surface of Nix began to be gradually covered with ice and snow. A fiery planet full of heat and lifeless became a snow planet where life could begin to form. What happened to that rare mineral, you ask? He remained hidden under all that ice. It took several thousand years before we, the Snowmen, were born on the frozen planet. Our heart is made of Glacia and that’s what keeps us alive. Some creatures were able to adapt to the freezing conditions here, but most of them became extinct.



The archer was able to teach himself with the bow. His quest to become an elite archer began from an early age. In his childhood, he admired the old archery master. He was his role model. However, the old man disappeared one day and did not appear for a long time. When, after a long time, he appeared on the driveway of the village, all torn, injured and exhausted, he showed all the assembled villagers the golden egg that he had obtained from the evil sorcerer. However, the egg only opened when everyone moved away from its immediate vicinity. The archer believed that it was possible to shoot it with an arrow so that it remained ajar. And that’s why he tried to catch him, but it didn’t work. Since then, he has been training daily to be able to hit the egg, but so far, he has had no luck. Moreover, with the arrival of the invasion, he has no time and is obliged to fight against the invaders. Will he ever solve the mystery of the golden egg? Can he and the others defeat the enemy invaders?

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